Love The Planet You Play On


Concept Generation


Cornish kids’ clothing brand Frugi has been sustainable from the start. Founded in 2004, they’ve been committed to organic cotton, recycled materials and kidswear that’s tough enough to live through several hand-me-downs.

With a small set budget in mind, I was tasked with coming up with Frugi’s first-ever TV campaign — one that would cut through and grab the attention of new audiences. Knowing that this budget would disappear quickly if the ad relied too heavily on acting talent and on-location shots, I focused my ideation around ‘what would a kids clothes advert be like without the kids?’. 

This eventually led to an advert that gave life to playful, colourful Frugi clothing; capturing the imagination and silliness of kids while making adults do a double take. 

The results on the advert :

  • The brief was to attract new customers. The campaign delivered 21.5k sessions to the Frugi website — 89% of which are new.
  • On All4 it delivered a 99% completion rate (versus the 69% industry benchmark).
  • Facebook delivered a 60% ad view rate — 20% higher than any previous campaign; and
  • YouTube delivered 29% higher CTR than previous campaigns.