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A brand that lives nine lives is not the same brand as the first. Nine Lives is a commentary piece on the current state of branding and rebrands. Split into three I explore the past and a present of branding, concluding with where the future is taking us. Throughout the book, the motif of cats is used to represent the idea of a brand, taking on all the related connotations that follow them; with fur and how they present themselves being their identity, and each live being a new rebrand.


The ‘past’ chapter gives a snapshot of branding history, considering how we have become detached from the idea of brands holding their values in their identity. This was an opportunity to weigh up the difference between ‘good’ vs ‘different’ design.


The ‘present’ explores how the digital first movement has brought with it a wave of brand homegeniety, looking at how both core identities have shifted as well as their online structure. The second half covers the ways that brands are using their ‘clean slate’ as a strategy, playing into the fact that their visual identity gives no preconceptions.


The exploration comes to a close by looking at where our future in branding lies, the public is going to get tired of brands that ‘say nothing’. Brands are going to get more outspoken, brands are going to radicalise, but not in the traditional ways…