Here For Great Theatre

Stratford East

Motion & Poster Design


Two years of closures and cancellations had sapped the theater’s momentum. So they came to Mr. President for a new brand positioning, one that could give the brand a new sense of cohesion and differentiation, and a reinvigorated purpose.

From insights gleaned from the brands positioning, we worked them up into a fresh Brand Ethos. One that told the story of the brand’s new mission, as well as the new promise that it would be making to its staff, its fans, its locals and those yet to step through its doors; that Stratford East would always be here for great theater. That SE would always be part of the beating heart of East London and a place where broad-mindedness, diversity and a grounded point of view would be fostered and cherished.

Our ethos was brought to life with OOH and social assets that encapsulate the brand’s purpose and values. We created three different styles of animation to articulate the brand values, all of which were tied together with a consistent thread and color palette. Alongside that we created a series of posters that formed a fly poster campaign across the whole surrounding area, maybe you’ve seen it?